SECOM of Florida

Southeast Constitutional Militias



We feel the AmRRON project is too important to ignore. We want to do what we can to expose and promote AmRRON. We encourage you to participate and become active.

SECOM of Florida Hosts the Florida AmRRON radio net every Monday night at 2000.

You can see the net schedule on the AmRRon Website –

Our HF Net runs on 40 Meter at 7.242 + or- and 80 Meter at 3.818 + or – we then follow up on VHF/UFH and Sarnet in our local areas. We look forward to hearing you “on the air”


When (not if) the internet and cell phones stop working……
How will you communicate with others?
How will you receive news?
Staying informed can save lives

No Internet?
No Phones?
No News/Filtered News?
Government Cell Phone Tower Kill Switches?

Let’s build a Network!

AmRRon currently has over 2000 members, Patriots, concerned about the direction our world is headed.

Join us to

How??---Using licensed HAM radios and non-licensed communications, liberty loving citizens are networking.

Join us! Join AmRRON!